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summer songwriting workshop

Hi everyone!

I thought this community might be interested in a songwriting workshop that will be held in California this summer (June 28-July 11). Mods, please tell me if posts like this aren't allowed and I will delete it.

  • This is an intensive songwriting workshop covering many genres and lyrical styles of popular music.
  • The goal of this workshop is to offer a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for aspiring songwriters to work with professionals in the industry.
  • Students will participate in individual meetings and activities with successful songwriters across a wide spectrum of genres. Original songs will be written in diverse musical styles including country, R&B, rock, pop, rap/hip hop, Broadway/Tin Pan Alley, and others.
  • Each songwriter will finish at least four new songs, one with each of the guest artists.
  • This workshop will culminate in a public performance given by the students of their original material.

If you're interested, you can find more info here:
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