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This Part of Me

Let's see... I like writing songs, so watch me post to this a million gazillion times :) even if nobody ever responds or comments. Which is totally A-Okay. I just like posting them anyway, it's fun. :D

*If you are a hollywood person looking for the next big song and try stealing my lyrics I WILL take you to court, so don't even try it*

You act like you don't know,
But I see that you do.
Another argument has started and I'm through.
I'm done with it all, all your words and your absences
You've hurt me enough and I'm not taking it

So long, or farewell, as they say,
No more, goodbye, I won't be treated this way

I don't have to take this, I don't wanna be this.
This part of me has died.
You can go, you can beg, it doesn't matter,
This part of me has cried.
My heart was broken, with each word you have spoken,
It's over, This Part of Me is over

Now you pretend like you're oh so surprised,
But probably not as much as I was when I saw her with my own eyes.
Her hooker make-up, and obnoxious platinum hair,
You keep telling me that you are so sorry,
Though not nearly as much as me when I met your Barbie.

So long, or farewell, as they say,
You cheated and lied, you can't treat me this way

CHORUS repeat :)

Don't. Just stop. I can't take anymore.
I've taught myself to move on,
And now baby, I'm gone.

When your with her I hope I'm on your mind,
When she leaves you I hope finally see,
That you made a major mistake when you set me free.

Thanks for listening, er...reading.
Peace, Love, & Chocolate. Those are the true moneymakers you know.
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