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Some write songs.

And then post them in here.

LJ's Best Songwriting Community
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This community is for people who like writing songs. It's where writers can ask questions, present problems, and receive advice. Good, solid advice. Hopefully. Not only that, but as we are a songwriting community, we'd like to see some of your work too! Post songs for critique and comments. Receive honest, hopefully not too brutal replies. Post such replies yourself. Feedback on our work is what can help us to really achieve a great piece, and is incredibly helpful for not only the author, but the commenter as well.

On top of this, you can post lyrics you find good or bad by other artists, bands and songwriters you know or enjoy (or don't), and put them up for discussion. If it's a rubbish band, put the lyrics up for ridicule! Snark is fun!

General posting etiquette is expected: avoid posting more than one song a day (except it's okay in competitions if you're allowed more than one entry), but always use a single post per song, do not lump them together as it's too much of a strain and hassle to concentrate on them both, and makes for a daunting task for any possible reviewer! On top of that, if your song is long enough that a reader has to scroll, put it behind a cut. Taking ten minutes to get to the bottom of your friends' list is annoying, so cut when you can.

Feel free to join, there is but one rule:

If I catch any of you snivelling, whiny little brats signing up and posting songs without critiquing others, you're warned and then outta here! I'm tired of seeing communities with songs posted and no replies. This one is different. As a given, I will try to reply to every post, unless some terrible misfortune has taken me... but it probably won't. So that's a start. But if you want to be given critique, you better start giving it yourself!

Enjoy the community, folks.